How To Puppy Proof Your House

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A huge congratulations on your new furry best friend! With your new puppy, you will notice that they are super curious and lively, leading to a full-on exploration of your entire house. It’s completely normal behavior for your pup but it’s important to make sure that your house is safe enough for their exploration.

Take a look at our 5 tips for puppy proofing your house from unwanted or unintended dangers. This way, your fur-baby will be able to lick, sniff and play to their heart’s delight!

1. Close every door in your house

Puppy proofing means keeping your puppy out of rooms you don’t want them to go into. Simple solution: close all the doors. Rooms such as bathrooms or bedrooms can be the scene of unwanted potty accidents or chewing incidents. Your puppy is young and unaware of how much trouble their mischief can cause. Because of this, leave your doors closed until your puppy has been house trained properly. 

2. Put away trash can

Puppy mischief is not limited to just the bedroom or bathroom. The trash can is another area that your puppy will likely enjoy sticking their nose in. If you throw away leftover dinner, chances are your puppy will look through the trash to help themselves to some treats. This can make your puppy sick and/or picky eaters. Until you’ve fully trained your puppy, keep trash cans away from their reach.

3. Hide medications

Always keep your medications out of your puppy’s reach. We know it’s easy to leave your pills, vitamins, and other medicines on a kitchen counter where it’s easy to remember. However, this habit can lead to tragedies or illness. This even counts for mediations kept in small containers. Puppies are notorious chewers and these small containers are usually no match for their growing teeth. Place your medications in a drawer or cabinet far from your puppy’s sight and you will ensure your furry friend’s safety. 

4. Check for backyard hazards

The backyard is perfect to play with your puppy and train them to be good dogs. However, it can come with its set of hazards. Puppy proofing your backyard is important to avoid your puppy jumping over the fence or digging a hole. You can do this by purchasing a fence and not letting your puppy out if you’ve sprayed insecticide recently. You can also get rid of any toxic plants and check for possible small animals. 

5. Purchase a couch cover

Some puppy parents are willing to let their puppies onto the furniture. Others are not very keen on the idea for various reasons. Whichever you decide for your own fur-baby, you may want to buy a couch cover, just in case. Many couch covers will protect your furniture from dog hairs and scratches. When you have guests over, you can simply remove the couch cover to leave them sit, no doggy hairs attached!

Proofing your house for potential puppy dangers can be a hassle, but we at Petland believe it’s worth all the work. Your puppy will surely thank you as they explore your house with ease and learn about their new home!