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10 Dog Breeds For Every Dad This Father’s Day

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day? Look no further than a loyal, friendly dog! Dogs and dads have so many things in common with each other. From their goofy antics to their protective behavior, it’s no wonder dogs have been considered “man’s best friend” for centuries. It doesn’t […]

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Puppy

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Bringing home a puppy is one of the most precious—and challenging—moments of your life. Puppies are our friends when we need them the most. They offer us cuddles, unconditional love, and lots of kisses! Our furry friends also need lifelong dedication from their owners, such as regular visits to the vet, training, and exercise. Puppies […]

How to Pick A Name For Your New Puppy

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There’s nothing more precious than meeting your new puppy for the first time. After you start to get to know your furry soulmate, you need to think about what to do next. For many new owners, it’s picking out a perfect name. Naming puppies can be a lot harder than you think—you’ll want something that […]

5 Weird Dog Habits You Should Know

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The human-canine bond is one of the strongest friendships on the planet. Since the dawn of time, humans and dogs have shared an unbreakable bond built of love and trust. Many dogs help make our lives better by being there during tough times or assisting us at work. Because of our long-lasting friendship with these […]

5 Great Dog Crates for Puppies

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When you have a puppy in your life, you’ll likely need a strong, easy-to-use dog crate that will allow you to care for your furry friend! There are numerous dog crates available online and in-store. Some of the more popular options include soft crates, wire crates, wooden crates, and even combination crates!  Of course, with […]

5 Top Dog Breeds That Don’t Bark

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Many dogs bark to communicate with their owners. You likely won’t know what they’re trying to tell you but usually, it’s to alert you of strangers or to be let outside. Some dogs like to take the volume up a notch, and love barking up a storm for the world to hear. If having a […]

6 Adorable Designer Dog Breeds

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From Goldendoodle to Cavapoo, designer dogs have gained popularity in the last couple of years…and for good reason! Designer dogs are some of the kindest dog breeds in the world. Now, you may be wondering: what are designer dogs? What makes them so special?  Well, all designer dog breeds are dogs that have two purebred […]

5 Tips For Naming Your New Puppy

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Picking out a name for your new puppy can be tricky business. If you’re a new puppy parent, it can also be frustrating. Is there a name that best fits your cute furry friend? Is it easy to remember? Does it fit your puppy’s personality traits? You may not realize it but your puppy’s name […]

5 Best Puppy Breeds For An Active Lifestyle

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If you’re looking for an exercise buddy that’s willing to go on runs with you, dogs have got your back! Whether you’re walking on a rough trail or going for a run, your dog will always be ready to join you. Adventures are some of the things your dog loves to do with you so […]

Top 5 Best Dog Breeds For New Owners

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Bringing a new puppy is such an exciting experience! Cute and cuddly, puppies help us make our lives happier and fun. With so many beautiful, cheerful dog breeds to choose from, it can be hard to find the one that’s right for you. If you’re a new puppy parent, there are countless breeds that would […]