Petland Perks

  • Our Puppies Health Comes First!
  • All of our puppies come from the Top U.S.D.A. Licensed Breeders with no direct violations.
  • We provide one Complimentary FREE Exam at YourPetsVet, courtesy of Petland Texas.
  • A Health Certificate showing up-to-date vaccinations and deworming treatments.
  • A 14-day viral / bacterial warranty for each of our puppies.
  • An exclusive, extended 10-Year Hereditary / Congenial warranty on all of our puppies.
  • We provide our Puppy for a Lifetime program. This means we will provide you with a puppy for the rest of your life! Ask a Pet Counselor for more details.
  • We have a veterinarian in our store twice a week.
  • Each puppy goes home with a 30-day supply of vitamins, a bottle of Longevity – Drops supplement, Joint Mobility supplement and Skin and Coat supplement.
  • We Are Devoted to Helping Our Customers Train their New Puppies!
  • In-store training on the 4 Basic Needs with a detailed session on housebreaking and teething. Entire training kit is available!
  • 6-Week Training Program with a professional trainer every week.
  • We provide a training DVD that covers puppy training.
  • We provide a toll-free 1-800# with free lifetime enrollment for all training questions.
  • Hours of training video feeds via the internet.
  • Extra Fun Amenities Only Provided by Petland Texas!
  • Each puppy comes with a microchip for lifetime identification with AKC Reunite.
  • We provide a Lifetime Membership to our store that provides various discounts. We cut the nails and clean ears for any of your pets at a 50% discount. (Available Mon – Sun 10AM – 9PM)
  • We also give registration papers and three generation pedigree on most breeds.
  • We provide our customers with a boarding day at store selected veterinarians.
    Our puppies are socialized with children, adults and other dogs.


six week training

Week 1

  • Introduction of trainer and background.
  • Explanation of what positive reinforcement is.
  • Explanation of positive markers, negative markers and rewards
  • Focus (look) command
  • Sit & release command

Week 2

  • Behavior modification
  • (Potty training, chewing, mouthing, barking, jumping)
  • Leash training
  • Down command.

Week 3

  • Leave it
  • Stay
  • Go to place

Week 4

  • Come when called
  • Side
  • Heel

Week 5

  • Come when called with leave it
  • Give me paw/high five
  • Review of all previous commands taught in course.

Week 6

  • Basic obedience test
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Roll over
  • Explanation of what is taught in advance training and why it is important to continue education.



Health Extensions Dog Food and Health Extensions Vitamins must be fed to this puppy for its entire life along with 1 other supplement of your choosing. This includes Health Extensions Joint Mobility, Nutridrops, or Healthy Skin and Coat. You must make these purchases from the Petland from where you purchased your puppy once every 90 days. These items can be purchased at the store or shipped to your residence.

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Petland will provide you with a store credit towards the purchase of another puppy at the time of your pet’s passing. A letter from an accredited veterinarian must be provided. This program can be used towards a new puppy only and does not cover medications or surgeries of any kind. Petland is not responsible for any medical bills related to your pets passing.

Petland believes in the power of Health Extensions Dog food and Health Extensions supplements so much that as long as you keep your new puppy in Petland’s Puppies for a Lifetime Program we will make sure you will ALWAYS have a Petland puppy. Store credit given will be equal to the original purchase price and may only be used to purchase another puppy.

*In the event that Health Extensions does not meet the dietary needs of your puppy Petland will help find you a dog food that works and as long as the food is purchased from the Petland where you purchased your puppy, your puppy will be covered under this Lifetime Puppy Program. Health Extensions supplements must still be fed. Enrollment in this program is non-transferable between Petlands or Petland Corporate.