Fun Christmas Ideas for Your Puppy

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Christmas is right around the corner! To help you celebrate the holidays, we’ve put together a list of fun Christmas ideas for your puppy. And if you found this blog during your search for healthy puppies for sale in Texas, be sure to check out our huge holiday sale on all of our puppies! NEIGHBORHOOD […]

Christmas is right around the corner! To help you celebrate the holidays, we’ve put together a list of fun Christmas ideas for your puppy. And if you found this blog during your search for healthy puppies for sale in Texas, be sure to check out our huge holiday sale on all of our puppies!


A residential house decorated with Christmas lights and holiday displays brightens the street at night.

It isn’t hard to get into the Christmas spirit when you live in a neighborhood full of decorated houses. This time of year, homeowners deck more than the halls. Residential neighborhoods will be lit up with Christmas lights and holiday lawn displays! 

All dogs love a good walk. You can combine exercise with enjoying Christmas by taking your puppy for a night-time walk through your neighborhood. Enjoy the lights and displays with your puppy! You probably won’t be the only one walking your dog, either. So, this fun Christmas idea for your puppy provides an opportunity for extra socialization. Let your puppy meet other dogs and people as you stroll down the blocks!


A cute, smiling Papillon dog sits on a red and white Christmas dog bed next to a Santa stuffed animal to show that your Christmas card can feature your puppy.

If you’re thinking about making holiday cards this year, your new puppy is all the more reason to go for it! Dressing your puppy up with a Santa hat, reindeer antlers, or even an “ugly sweater” will add the right touch of Christmas cheer to your photos. 

Getting your puppy to hold still for the camera is also a great opportunity to put those basic commands he’s learned into practice. Commands such as “sit,” “stay,” “lie down,” and also “leave it” will help keep your puppy from moving around. And this will also keep him improving his obedience. The most fun part of this Christmas idea for your puppy will be looking through the photos and selecting the best one for your holiday card.


An adorably curious Puggle dog stands on his hind legs, trying to see the yummy dog biscuits being made in a kitchen for Christmas.

Peanut butter, bacon, apples, and other sweet and savory ingredients are loved by all dogs. Tasting these delicious ingredients can be a fun bonding experience with your new puppy. This holiday season, pick one or two dog treat recipes to make at home as part of the Christmas ideas for your puppy that you’re planning!

Making, mixing, and baking homemade dog biscuits, dog “cookies,” and other fun, festive snacks is a Christmas activity you won’t want to miss out on. There’s also an added benefit to making special treats for your puppy for Christmas day. As you and your loved ones sit around the table, your puppy won’t feel left out. You can feed your puppy the holiday dog treats you made. This way, he won’t be tempted to beg for a taste of your Christmas ham!


A Pembroke Welsh Corgi sits outside in the snow next to a snowman, both looking dressed for the holiday season in red scarves and hats.

One of the nicest aspects to the holiday season is having a little extra time at home. Your puppy will certainly appreciate the additional quality time with you. Be sure not to get so busy with your holiday shopping and social gatherings that your puppy is left home alone. 

There are tons of fun indoor games and bonding activities that you can do with your puppy. From an indoor game of tug-of-war to simply curling up on the couch to watch a Christmas movie, your puppy will love having your time and attention.


A cute little girl sits with two Pomeranian puppies on her lap, with a Christmas tree twinkling in the background.

Christmas is a magical season! There are so many opportunities for joy, laughter, and bonding with your puppy! But there can also be hazards. Christmas decorations, lots of guests, and yummy snacks for humans can all pose hidden dangers for dogs. We recommend that you use a “puppy proofing eye” as you decorate your home. Make sure decorations that pose choking hazards are too high up for your puppy to get to. We also suggest the following tips:

Provide Your Puppy with a Safe Room

Your puppy should already feel very safe in his crate. Your puppy’s crate is basically a safe den. Provide him with extra blankets and pillows. And make sure that the room where your puppy’s crate is located is also quiet and away from your holiday parties if you host any at home.

You may have to move your puppy’s crate from its usual spot to ensure that the room it’s in is completely off-limits to party guests. Do not put your puppy’s crate in the coat room or any little room where your guests might slip away for privacy. 

Keep Dangerous Substances Out of Reach

Many human foods are poisonous to dogs. These food items include chocolate, grapes, alcohol, avocados, Xylitol, onions, garlic, chives, macadamia nuts, coffee, and most candy. The best thing you can do is not leave any foods and snacks with these ingredients out where your puppy can reach them. 

If you plan on having guests over for holiday parties, then you’ll need to ask your guests to never leave their plates and cups unattended. Explain to them that your puppy cannot eat or even taste any of the human foods or else he’ll get very sick. Ideally, everyone at your home should be “on board” with keeping your puppy safe.


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Thanks for stopping by our blog! We hope you found this article helpful for fun Christmas ideas for your puppy. Have a merry Christmas with your family, friends, and new puppy!