10 Ways to Relieve Your Puppy’s Boredom

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Does your puppy bark at you non-stop? Do you often come home to a mess? Is your fur-baby gnawing on the table leg again? If so, your puppy may be suffering from one thing: boredom. Puppies are like humans in many ways. They enjoy being active and stimulated through numerous activities, playtime included. Without their […]

Does your puppy bark at you non-stop? Do you often come home to a mess? Is your fur-baby gnawing on the table leg again? If so, your puppy may be suffering from one thing: boredom.

Puppies are like humans in many ways. They enjoy being active and stimulated through numerous activities, playtime included. Without their stimulus, your fur-baby has nothing to do all day. 

Depending on their breed, some puppies will stay put and take a nap. Many puppies, however, are creative and find ways to entertain themselves in your home. Chewing on furniture and venturing into the bathroom is your puppy’s idea of fun, which may end up frustrating you. 

Here are key signs that your puppy is bored and how you can entertain them.

What are signs that your puppy is bored? 

When your puppy is bored, you’ll know about it. Whether it’s whining, barking, or tearing your house apart, your fur-baby will express their boredom in the same way a child throws a tantrum. Here are some signs to pay attention to:

Destructive behavior.

If your puppy has a knack for chewing, biting, sniffing the trash, or digging, they’re bored out of their mind. They may also bark non-stop at every person walking by from their window. They may even destroy that new shiny toy you bought them.

Other types of destructive behavior include digging imaginary holes on the floor, nipping, biting, and chewing on their paws. Along with being frustrating, destructive behavior causes property damage and injuries from your pup hurting themselves.

Forcing playtime.

When a puppy is bored, they will do anything to entertain themselves or initiate, such as jumping, biting, or attacking other dogs. Unfortunately, these tactics may annoy the other dog, which can quickly turn innocent playtime into a full-on fight.

Attention seeking.

If your furry friend has ever barked at you, sat on your lap, or forced you to look at them, then they were trying to tell you something—“I’m bored. Play with me!” 

They may even try to look cute by chasing their tail, just so that you can look at them. Some puppies may also follow you around while whining for no reason at all. While this may be a sign that they’re in pain or fear, this may also indicate stress and/or boredom.

Escaping the yard.

It’s easy to think that your backyard is some sort of playground paradise for your little fur-baby. But, most of the time, it’s just that—a backyard. And it may quickly become boring for your energetic furball. 

In general, you should never leave your furry companion alone in your backyard for numerous reasons. A potential escape from the yard is one of them. 

Your pup, in its boredom, may begin digging a hole under a fence or bush that’s big enough to go through, prompting them to escape into the neighborhood. Check out our 8 Tips for Puppy-Proofing your Backyard to keep your yard and puppy safe.


Have you ever heard of “zoomies”? You know, those moments when your pup starts running all over your living room or your whole house without stopping? 

Since your furry companion is full of energy, they may experience “zoomies” as a way to expel that excess energy. If your puppy does this often or paces around the room, it may mean they are bored and are looking for something to do.

How do you relieve your puppy’s boredom?

It’s important that your pup has a physical and/or mental outlet to release all that balled-up energy. By giving them something to do, it will prevent any unwanted situations or bad behavior. Fortunately, there are different ways to keep your pup entertained and active in a healthy way. Some of these include:

1. Exercise. 

Keeping your fur-baby physically active through exercise will help them stay in shape as well as release all their energy. You may choose to take them out for a walk or go for a run. 

You may also play fetch with them or even take the opportunity to train—the latter forces them to use their brainpower. All of these activities will definitely leave your furball tired enough to head off for a nap afterward than chew off your furniture.

2. Kong toys.

Kong toys, puzzle games, and other puppy products give your fur-baby sufficient physical and mental stimulation. The way it works is your fur-baby has to roll the toy around to get food or treats stored inside. 

If your puppy figures out how to get enough pieces out, you can try freezing the food before stuffing it into the toy to make it more challenging. While it may not be a strenuous activity, it will help keep your puppy occupied for a few hours. 

For 5 great toys for your puppy, check out our blog: 5 Must-Have Puppy Toys

3. Play games.

If you want to have some fun with your pup, try playing a game with them. Puppies are always up for an exciting game. You may choose to play fetch (this counts as exercise) or tug-of-war (this provides both mental and physical stimulation). You can also improvise your own game, like a scavenger hunt with their treats or their Kong toys. You might need to teach them the rules of your improvised game first so they can get the hang of it. Either way, your pup will never feel bored.

4. Dog park.

Take your pup to a dog park so they can make furry friends of their own! It’s both a great way to socialize your fur-baby with other pups and people and relieve boredom. Make sure that your fur-baby is friendly and comfortable with going outside and interacting with others. It may take a few tries before your puppy is willing to go out in the open and socialize—just like some humans.

5. Chores.

Have your pup help you with some chores around the house or your daily routine. For example, your pup can easily grab its own leash and bring it to you once it learns what “time for a walk” means. 

Some puppies can be taught to assist with laundry chores or even put their toys away after playtime is over. It will require some training beforehand but with enough practice, your furball can keep active while also providing you with some house help.  

6. Training.

Teaching your puppy new tricks is a cinch! Because they’re young and energetic, your puppy is more than willing to learn anything you teach them. Like exercise, just training your puppy in 10-minute sessions helps give your puppy enough mental stimulation to burn off all their pent-up energy. Teach your puppy commands that teach them how to control their impulses like sit, lay down, stay, and come. 

7. Playdate.

Not enough owners take their puppies on a playdate—and they definitely should! Puppy playdates are lots of fun and give your puppy the interaction they want. You can invite friends and family with their dogs to have them play with your fur-baby. To find friendly dogs near you, you can use websites such as Meetup to make a special playdate arrangement. 

8. Dog walker.

If you work all day, your puppy may start to find ways to entertain themselves. Consider hiring a dog walker that can keep your pup company while you’re away. You can hire friends or family members to help you out. If not, you can also find dog walkers by searching online. 

9. Frozen treats. 

The quickest way to your puppy’s heart is through their stomach! Freeze some yummy dog treats in your fridge for a few hours. You can use chicken broth or another treat that’s safe for your puppy to eat. Stuff the treat inside a Kong toy or just give it to your puppy for being such a good boy. While you’re busy running errands or at work, your fur-baby’s treat will keep them entertained for a few hours.

10. Affection.

Dogs are social animals. They love interacting with us at all times. Your puppy may seem clingy but understand that they want to be with you. Give them some love by rubbing their belly, massaging their sides, or even grooming their fur every once in a while. 

The bonding session can easily calm your puppy down during an episode of zoomies or prevent them from chewing on your furniture. Your puppy will appreciate any gesture of affection you give them.

Puppies, regardless of breed, are not meant to sit and sleep around all day. In the same way as their human counterparts, they need activities that stimulate and entertain them.

By alleviating your pup’s boredom, you have the opportunity to train, bond, and help them grow accustomed to the rules of the house…and the world!

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