5 Fun and Easy Tricks to Teach Your Puppy

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When it comes to dog training, most people think of 4 basic commands: sit, lay down, come, and stay. These 4 commands are the most important tricks you can teach your little fur-baby since they’ll be more obedient and trusting of you in adulthood. However, these basic commands are not the only fun tricks you […]

When it comes to dog training, most people think of 4 basic commands: sit, lay down, come, and stay. These 4 commands are the most important tricks you can teach your little fur-baby since they’ll be more obedient and trusting of you in adulthood. However, these basic commands are not the only fun tricks you should teach your furry friend. 

From shaking paws to kissing on command, your puppy is smart enough to learn a wide variety of tricks that can benefit them…and you! Teaching your puppy new tricks is very mental stimulating so your puppy will never be bored at home. It also helps strengthen the human-animal bond as you both spend time together. 

The benefits of new tricks definitely outweigh any drawbacks. At Petland, we encourage you to teach your puppy these 5 fun and easy new tricks!

1. Kiss

Let’s get one thing straight—puppy kisses are the best! And you’re one of the lucky bunch who gets kisses from a special puppy all the time. But did you know that you can train your furry bestie to kiss you on command? We’re serious!

By just commanding your puppy with the word “kiss,” you can receive a sweet little kiss from your pooch whenever you want. To teach your puppy this trick, place their favorite treat on your cheek while repeating the word “kiss” a few times. Make sure they’re watching you intently before letting them have it. Repeat this training as your puppy learns to associate “kiss” with licking your face. The kissing trick is popular with young children so try to get the youngest members of your family to help you out!

2. Bark on Command

Does your puppy bark a lot? This common puppy behavior can be pretty irritating, especially when there’s no reason behind their excessive barking. Fortunately, there’s one trick that can help you solve this pesky behavior: barking on command.

Apart from solving behavioral problems, teaching your puppy to bark on command can make it easier to socialize them with others. Remember that socialization is one of the most critical steps to raising a good, well-rounded dog. And if your puppy isn’t barking at strangers, it can make the process a positive and fun experience. 

You can teach this trick by following these steps:

  1. Find a stimulus that causes your puppy to bark like a doorbell or a tap on the wall.
  2. Before your puppy barks, say the command “quiet” repeatedly.
  3. If your puppy is quiet, give them a treat. If your puppy barks before you say the command, do not give them a treat. 
  4. Repeat these steps a few times. 

Whenever your puppy barks, it’s a good idea to ignore their barking unless there’s a serious reason behind it. Ignoring your puppy lets them know that their barking won’t receive your attention. You can also remove their stimulus by closing the windows or bringing your puppy inside the house if they bark in the yard.

3. Shake Paws

The next time you have guests over, impress your guests by having your puppy shake their hands. It is one of the easiest tricks your puppy can learn, and if you train your fur-baby in short sessions, they can get the hang of it in a few hours.

Keep a few treats in a closed fist near your puppy’s face. Be sure your puppy has seen you close your fist with the treats. When they start to paw at your hands for the treats, repeat the command “shake” as you open and take their paw. Repeat these sessions a few times. Your puppy will love receiving direct attention from you and getting their favorite treats!

4. Roll Over

The trick “roll over” looks difficult to teach, but it’s actually easy if done correctly. For this trick, short, consistent sessions work best. Most puppy trainers teach puppies to roll over halfway before they train them to roll over all the way. This helps your puppy get used to the feel of laying on their backs and moving their whole bodies to one side. 

To teach your puppy to roll over, they should already know the command “lay down.” Have your puppy lay down in front of you. Hold a treat in front of them and move it to their shoulder so they lay down flat on their side. Once you’ve repeated this trick a few times, you can train them to roll over all the way by moving the treat from one side to the other. When they follow the treat with their body movement, say the words “roll over” each time. Afterwards, let your puppy have their treat! 

Remember to repeat this trick as many times as you can. The more you practice this trick, the better your puppy will perform it! When your puppy masters the art of rolling over, they will be able to perform the next trick on this list. 

5. Play Dead

“Play dead” is a popular puppy trick for your puppy to learn! If you teach your puppy to roll over, you can easily train your puppy to perform the “play dead” trick. Just follow the next steps carefully so your puppy has a fun time while learning:

  1. Have your puppy lay down on the floor in front of you. 
  2. Hold a yummy treat in front of their nose.
  3. Move the treat to their shoulder so your puppy lays flat on the floor. 
  4. Repeat the words “play dead” as your puppy lays down. 
  5. Let your puppy have the treat. 

Like with all tricks, your puppy will eventually perform this trick without the need of a treat. Avoid teaching your puppy two tricks at the same time. We recommend teaching your puppy to roll over first before training them to play dead.

Training a puppy requires a ton of patience and repetition. Unfortunately for us, puppies do not speak any human language nor do they understand basic human cues. This means puppy parents must be consistent with teaching tricks. It can take hours, days, or even weeks for a puppy to fully master a command. Avoid becoming frustrated with your furry bestie; they’re doing their absolute best to please you! Have fun and pepper your pup with praises when needed.
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