5 Ways to Keep Your Puppy’s Paws Clean

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Your puppy’s paws are super cute and delicate. So you should always take precautions when you take them out for a walk. Here are some ways you can keep your puppy’s paws clean and free of harm. Wipes Clean your puppy’s paws with baby wipes or moist wipes that are safe for them. Wipes […]

You know it’s important to groom your puppy, but did you know that your puppy’s paws need to be cleaned regularly too? Every day, whether at home or outside, your fur-baby’s paws are exposed to countless varieties of surfaces. Rough, muddy, wet, or dirty, these surfaces collect dirt and bacteria that can make your furry friend sick.

Always remember: your puppy’s paws are an important part of its body. As The Farmer’s Dog writes, your furry friend’s paw pads “absorb shock, easing the strain that might otherwise be put on a dog’s bones or joints.”

They also provide protection to your puppy’s feet on rough or wet surfaces, help them differentiate the different surfaces, and protect your puppy’s feet from extreme weather.

Like the rest of your beautiful puppy, their paws are adorable and delicate. As such, your puppy deserves to have its paws cleaned regularly. 

Follow our tips to maintain your puppy’s paws fresh and squeaky clean!


Clean your puppy’s paws with baby wipes or moist wipes that are safe for them. Wipes are very convenient because they are travel friendly and are easy to use.

Keep a towel handy

Keeping a towel handy can help clean or dry your puppy’s paws after walks or throughout the day. Keeping their paws dry can prevent your puppy from slipping on smooth surfaces such as hardwood floors.


Nothing cleans your pup’s paws better than a warm bath. Simply washing their paws will help get rid of the dirty or harmful substances that they can collect from going outside. After washing your puppy’s paws, don’t forget to dry them carefully before letting them go play.

Look between the pads

Just like people collect lint or dirt between their toes, your fur-baby also does. That is why it’s important for you to check your puppy’s pads and help prevent any discomfort. As you gently part your puppy’s pads, carefully clean and check for any irritation or bugs. Once you are done, thoroughly dry your puppies’ paws.

Get your fur-baby booties

One of the easiest ways to keep your fur-babies’ paws clean and out of harm’s way is by getting them booties. Booties are cute little puppy shoes that protect your puppy’s paws from the dirt and harmful substances that are outside. Plus they can be very fashionable!

Cleaning your puppy’s paws may not seem like much but it has a great impact on your puppy’s hygienic health. When you clean your puppy’s feet, you prevent any potential infections or irritations from taking place.

It also gives you a chance to bond with your puppy and love them for their fluffy, cuddly selves. We hope that cleaning your puppy’s paws makes them a happy, healthy puppy!

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