9 Blue Dog Breeds for Lovers of This Color

Bearded Collie Boston Terrier Chihuahua Great Dane Italian Greyhound Neapolitan Mastiff Shar Pei Weimaraner

We love the color blue, and if you do too, we invite you into the fascinating possibility of having one of the blue dog breeds from our list as your furry companion. In a world full of chaos, uncertainty, and tough times, here are 9 blue dog breeds to remind you that comfort and love […]

We love the color blue, and if you do too, we invite you into the fascinating possibility of having one of the blue dog breeds from our list as your furry companion. In a world full of chaos, uncertainty, and tough times, here are 9 blue dog breeds to remind you that comfort and love are within your reach if only you reach out and pet one of these cute puppies!

Known as a calming, relaxing, and healing shade, the color blue can inspire us towards peace, loyalty, and a sense of greater trust in life! Gazing up at a bright blue sky fills the heart with awe and wonder. And staring out across the deep blue ocean reminds us that limitless possibilities are at our fingertips if only we reach out and try.

WEIMARANER (Blue Dog Breeds We Love Most)

A gorgeous blue-violet purebred Weimaraner puppy with blue eyes proves that blue dog breeds exist.

The Weimaraner is a handsome, dignified, and intelligent purebred dog that’s as blue as frost over a lake. Its cool, calming color can range from charcoal-blue to silver to a warm, dusty gray that echoes a rich, earthy blue. Just as beautiful as its short, smooth coat, the Weimaraner has light eyes that can either be bright blue or a translucent green hue. Weimaraners are loving, loyal dogs that thrive in active families, and will also bond deeply with their favorite person if you’re single and live alone. Adaptable to both rural and city living, the Weimaraner is one of our absolute favorite blue dog breeds.  


A cute and rare blue Chihuahua with short blue fur is all eyes and ears as it peers longingly into the camera.

One of the smallest of all the small purebred dog breeds, the Chihuahua is a cuddly yet feisty bundle of love and loyalty. Chihuahuas come in a wide variety of colors, as well do they have either long or short hair. Perhaps the rarest Chihuahua is the blue Chihuahua, which makes it a frontrunner on our list. Chihuahuas are lap dogs, categorically speaking, but what we love most about this breed is its versatility and range of moods and habits. If you want a furry friend that’s all personality and full of empathy, you’ll find a lifelong friend in the Chihuahua.  


An adorable, shaggy Bearded Collie dog stands isolated on a white background to show that its long fur is bluish gray.

The fine yet alluring line between blue and gray can be found in our next blue dog breed, the Bearded Collie. The Bearded Collie is two colors, dark bluish-gray and white. This dog oozes cuteness with its long, shaggy hair and little smile. Prancy yet bumbling, a Bearded Collie can warm your heart just by bounding towards you as you get home after a long day. The Bearded Collie enjoys outdoor play and has just as much energy to exude as love to give its favorite person and family.


Though it looks like this Boston Terrier has a black and white tuxedo jacket, in fact its fur is blue. Blue Boston Terriers are a rarity.

Have you ever run your fingertips over a cool, sleek slab of slate? The small yet regal Boston Terrier has a short coat of fur that’s reminiscent of this slate-blue color. Daring to be almost gray yet retaining a foothold in blue, the Boston Terrier’s “blue” coat is referred to as “seal blue.” Like a mask and tuxedo jacket draped over white fur, the distinct markings of this gentle, affectionate breed are as unique as the dog’s personality. If you want a lively little companion who will love you to the moon and back, don’t wait for a blue moon to buy one! Your Boston Terrier puppy is waiting for you at Petland Texas! 

ITALIAN GREYHOUND (Blue Dog Breeds We Love Most)

Some Italian Greyhounds are among blue dog breeds, as this small, blue Italian Greyhound stands in a field of tall grass.

Known as the sprinting couch potato, the Italian Greyhound is the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet existing as a dainty little dog. Italian Greyhounds come in a variety of colors, but our favorite shade is blue! The blue Italian Greyhound can have a coat that looks as dark as a stormy sky or as light as a frosted lily. Italian Greyhounds are the ideal furry friends for people who like to veg out as much as they enjoy a good workout! Your Italian Greyhound will go the mile with you, literally, as this affectionate breed has never turned down a chance to race. 


A beautiful blue Neapolitan Mastiff puppy rests its huge paws on a table to show blue dog breeds include the Mastiff.

Massive in stature with a bite strength of 550 psi, the Neapolitan Mastiff is the next blue dog on our list. There are many Mastiff purebreds, such as the English Mastiff and Bullmastiff, totalling 14 different Mastiff varieties. The Neapolitan Mastiff hails from Southern Italy and is known to be an ancient breed that was used as a family guard dog. This speaks to the “gentle giant” demeanor of this majestic blue dog breed, as Neapolitan Mastiffs are affectionate family dogs that will defend you with their life!


An adorable Shar Pei purebred dog lays in a field of yellow flowers as sunshine illuminates its beautiful blue coat of fur.

Who says wrinkles aren’t beautiful? Not us! The rolling wrinkles of soft, loose skin that the Shar Pei dog breed is known for are the envy of the elderly worldwide. And these precious pooches are born with their saggy skin, kind of like Benjamin Button! Shar Peis come in a variety of colors, including a gorgeous, light, purple-blue shade that’s truly one of a kind. Explore the folds and feel the love as you pet and snuggle your very own blue Shar Pei puppy. Shar Peis are strong, regal dogs that are loyal to their families as true guardians. Not completely “cute” and not entirely “menacing,” this interesting dog breed is the perfect blend of furry companion and protective guard dog. 

GREAT DANE (Blue Dog Breeds We Love Most)

A rare blue Great Dane puppy with huge paws lounges on a wooden bench outside in the warm springtime sunshine.

The final purebred dog breed on our list of blue dogs you’ll love as much as the color is the stunning Great Dane. We love Great Danes for their calm yet tremendous presence! It’s like having a horse that’ll fetch your slippers! Great Danes come in a variety of colors like most of the dog breeds on our list today, but the blue Great Dane holds a special place of awe in our hearts. Blue Great Danes are the rarest of all the Great Danes because their blue coat is the result of a recessive “blue” gene that usually goes unmanifested. For this reason, blue Great Danes are often far more expensive. But we promise they’re worth every penny!

That concludes our article of 9 blue dog breeds for lovers of this color! If you’re looking for Weimaraner puppies for sale, Great Dane puppies, or want to meet, buy, and take home any of the blue dog breeds on our list, visit any of our Petland Texas locations!