Best Puppy Cams for 2023

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Now that it’s 2023, puppy cams do so much more than simply record a live feed of your pet. They can also dispense treats and have speakers that allow you to talk to your puppy! Let’s take a look at the best puppy cams to get you started.  Why You Need a Puppy Camera: One […]

Now that it’s 2023, puppy cams do so much more than simply record a live feed of your pet. They can also dispense treats and have speakers that allow you to talk to your puppy! Let’s take a look at the best puppy cams to get you started. 

Why You Need a Puppy Camera:

One of the hardest parts about being the parent of a new puppy is the fact that you won’t always be with your fur baby. There will be times when you’ll have to leave your little bundle of joy at home. This might be for only a few hours if you’re running errands, or all day because of your work schedule. Leaving your puppy behind can be heartrending, especially when he presses his nose against the window and watches you go. 

The best medicine for this heartache is being able to keep an eye on your puppy while you’re gone. Yet even better would be if you could talk to your puppy, feed him treats, and otherwise let him know you’re doing all you can to be with him while you’re away from the home.  

This is where puppy cams can make all the difference in the world. A “puppy cam” or puppy camera is an internet-connected camera device that will record your puppy in real-time and play the feed on your smartphone through its associated app. By installing this system, you can set your puppy up in his playpen for the day with everything he needs, set up the puppy cam to record him in his pen, and keep your eye on him all day long by checking the app on your smartphone. 

And that’s not all!

A cute Beagle puppy has to be left alone for the day.


The Eufy Pet Dog Camera has all the tech you would expect in 2023. A camera to record your puppy, speakers that enable you to talk to your pet, and a reliable treat dispenser system that you can control remotely. Pet parents who tested the Eufy Pet Pet Camera all agreed that the smartphone app and computer system of monitoring their pets was easy to install and set up, and convenient to use while away from home. The camera has a night vision mode as well as a motion detector to help ensure that your puppy always stays visible and on camera. It also has two-way audio, so you can listen to your puppy, too!

The only real downside of this puppy camera is that it can’t be mounted. Instead, the device “sits” wherever you place it. If you happen to have an unusually excitable and playful puppy, there’s a chance that your puppy could jump on the device in his excitement at hearing your voice through the speaker or anticipating a treat will shoot out. If this occurs, he’ll knock the camera over, and the 270 degree view will capture either the ceiling or the floor. 


This puppy camera is ideal for new pet parents who are on a budget. If you want to keep an eye on your puppy without breaking the bank, then the YI Technologies Dome Pet Camera is for you. Whereas other puppy cameras can cost $200 or more, this model from YI Technologies isn’t even $40. The reason for the affordability isn’t due to a lack of quality. It’s because this puppy cam doesn’t include a treat dispenser and can’t be mounted. It also doesn’t come with a “doggy diary,” which the other pet cameras have. 

If you’re unfamiliar, a doggy diary is a short, edited video of the “highlights” of the puppy’s day. Essentially, the technology of the puppy cam is able to “timestamp, record, and save” key moments in your puppy’s day. This is thanks to the motion detection feature of the camera. While you’re able to watch the live feed of your puppy all day, the A.I. technology is recording and saving the most active moments in your dog’s day. Then, at the end of the day, you receive a short video reel of your puppy! 

But again, this puppy cam from YI Technologies doesn’t include a doggy diary, which is why the device is so affordable. What this camera lacks in video editing, it makes up for with its 360 degree views of your home, which is why it’s at the top of our list. 

A Teddy Bear toy breed plays with a cardboard box while his owner is at work all day long.


For any puppy or dog parent who allows their pet access to an outdoor space while they’re gone, you don’t have to lose sight of your furry friend just because he ventures into the backyard. No, you can’t place just any pet camera outside, since the majority of them aren’t weather proof and won’t hold up to the elements. Instead, we recommend that you get a puppy cam that’s designed for the outdoors! 

The Wyze Cam v3 with Color Night Vision is a top-notch solution in 2023. This pet camera can be mounted and has strong weather-proofing so that it can hold up in the rain, snow, sleet, and scorching sunshine. It’s also extremely affordable since it doesn’t dispense treats or have speakers for you to talk to your puppy. Thanks to the low cost, you might want to pick up this camera in addition to an indoor puppy cam so that you can keep an eye on your fur baby whether he’s inside or outside. A fun feature of this device is the ability to take snapshot photos that automatically save to your smartphone. And thanks to the night vision mode, if you happen to be gone at night due to working a late-night shift for example, you will still be able to monitor your puppy easily.        


According to PC magazine, the best puppy cam of 2023 is the Furbo 360° Dog Camera. The greatest features of this device is that it’s designed for adult dogs who roam freely around the house, which makes it a worthwhile long-term investment. You can remotely rotate the camera and you can push a button on the app to cause the device to shoot out dog treats! Also, if your dog barks or makes distress noises, the app will notify you immediately so that you can take a look at what might be going on with your dog.  

There you have it! Those are Petland Texas‘ top 4 picks for puppy cams to help make those long hours away from your puppy more bearable. Which pet camera do you think you’ll go with?