Dalmatians: A Puppy You’ll Forever Love


Dalmatians are unlike any dog breed. From their appearance to their personality, Dalmatians are graceful, energetic, and loving family dogs. Petland Texas has put together all the reasons why a Dalmatian is a puppy you’ll forever love.  APPEARANCE, SIZE, AND LIFESPAN The lovable Dalmatian dog breed is a medium-to-large sized purebred. The females weigh slightly […]

Dalmatians are unlike any dog breed. From their appearance to their personality, Dalmatians are graceful, energetic, and loving family dogs. Petland Texas has put together all the reasons why a Dalmatian is a puppy you’ll forever love. 

An adult female Dalmatian sits with her litter of growing Dalmatian puppies, in front of a white background.


The lovable Dalmatian dog breed is a medium-to-large sized purebred. The females weigh slightly less than the males, but generally this dog is between 45 – 65 lbs. Dalmatians have a lean, tightly toned physique. They can live up to 13 years. But what they’re best known for are their spots! 

No other purebred dog breed has spots. What you might not have known is that Dalmatian spots come in more colors than black. Yes, the classic Dalmatian coat is white with black spots. But Dalmatians can also have brown “liver” spots, orange spots, and even “lemon” spots! These other colors are far more rare. Lemon spotted Dalmatians look like they have freckles. It’s truly adorable. 

Courageous and hard working, Dalmatians are best known for being firefighting dogs, as this Dalmatian stands on a firetruck ready for action!


Dalmatians are loyal, affectionate, and sensitive family dogs. They thrive on human companionship. Dalmatians are not happy to be left alone. They would rather spend all day working hard beside their favorite person than being left by themselves for even 4 hours. This personality trait along with their very high energy levels is the #1 reason Dalmatians are a firefighter’s preferred dog breed.

In fact, Dalmatians are probably best known for being a firefighter’s best friend. This dog breed is the #1 choice to live in firehouses and accompany firefighters as they locate and rescue people and domestic animals from burning buildings. This speaks to the Dalmatian’s courageous nature. Dalmatians are faithful, obedient, and loyal. They will do anything to keep their families safe!

Owners of Dalmatians will tell you that a special quirk their dogs share is a “long memory.” Dalmatians really remember things. This goes beyond puppy training. They’ll remember mistreatment and are known to hold grudges! Be sure to love your Dalmatian and treat him with respect. If you lose your patience, or worse, without a promised treat, your Dalmatian might give you the cold shoulder! 

Other Dalmatian perks are that they have a low-to-non-existent tendency to bark, dig, snore, and drool.

A fully grown Dalmatian dog runs in a field for exercise.


Dalmatians are high energy dogs. They’re known for having excellent stamina. Your Dalmatian will easily keep up with you during a 5 mile jog. In fact, fully grown Dalmatians need about 2 hours of exercise every day. For this reason, Petland Texas only recommends Dalmatians to individuals and families that plan on exercising with their dogs. If you’re already in the habit of going for long walks, daily jogs, and other athletic outings, the Dalmatian dog breed will be ideal for you. 

Providing your Dalmatian with adequate outdoor exercise will help ensure that at home he’s calm and low-key. Dalmatians can spring from resting to running in the blink of an eye. This is to say that just because your Dalmatian is napping on the couch doesn’t mean he won’t jump at the chance to join you for a jog, walk, or even some yard work. Dalmatians are calm house companions, and your Dalmatian may even loyally follow you around the home out of sheer love for your company! 

An adult Dalmatian is examined by a veterinarian to prove that Dalmatians are a puppy you'll forever love.


This medium-sized dog has a short, smooth single layer coat, and will shed more in the warm months. The Dalmatian’s grooming requirements are very manageable, however. Their short fur needs brushing only a few times a week. And you’ll be surprised at how infrequently your Dalmatian will need a full bath with shampooing. Also, supplying your Dalmatian with doggy chews that are designed to keep his teeth clean will keep his breath smelling decent. 

Dalmatians are a puppy you'll forever love as shown here a Dalmatian in a field of yellow flowers.


Interestingly, Dalmatians don’t mind hot weather. They’re more comfortable in hot climates than they are in frigid ones. This makes the purebred Dalmatian dog breed well suited for life in Texas! Thanks to their lean, muscular physiques and very little body fat, they don’t have the “insulation” to keep warm for very long in cold weather. This is perfect for hot weather, however, because it helps them stay cool.

That being said, if you’re outside in hot weather with your Dalmatian, and you start to feel too hot, then you can be sure that your dog does, too. And both of you should move inside to cooler temperatures. 

A playful Dalmatian dog plays with a toy in a modern living room, depicting Dalmatians as a puppy you'll forever love.


As we covered in this article, Dalmatians are high-energy, loyal, and affectionate family dogs. They require a lot of exercise and attention from the families that love them. If you are someone who looks forward to training your new puppy, then your Dalmatian will love you forever. Investing in your Dalmatian puppy by spending the time, energy, and determination to train him is a necessary aspect of owning this breed. Check out our favorite Animal Planet video about Dalmatians to get an even deeper sense of the Dalmatians’ temperament and personality! 

Dalmatians are best suited for people who live active lifestyles. If you want your dog to jog, hike, and go for long walks with you when you exercise, you will love the Dalmatian dog breed. 

Petland has Dalmatian puppies for sale in Texas at our Tyler and Houston pet store locations. Owning a Dalmatian can bring joy and companionship to your life. But taking home a healthy Dalmatian puppy is key. Petland Texas is committed to breeding and selling healthy, happy puppies. You will have the perfect puppy when you take home a Dalmatian puppy from Petland Texas. 

Two parent Dalmatians watch over their litter of adorable Dalmatian puppies as they nap in a cozy den with a blue blanket.

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