How To Care For Your Dog During A Pandemic

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The current social distancing and quarantine guidelines have changed the way we regularly live our lives. As such, our dogs are likely excited that we get to stay home. As a puppy owner, you are more than happy to be able to spend time with them on a regular basis. You may become lenient with […]

The current social distancing and quarantine guidelines have changed the way we regularly live our lives. As such, our dogs are likely excited that we get to stay home. As a puppy owner, you are more than happy to be able to spend time with them on a regular basis. You may become lenient with some of the things you used to do with your pet. Grooming and exercising don’t seem like activities your dog will need for a while, right? 

Well, not exactly. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re indoors or not. Your dog deserves to receive proper pet care, especially during a time that can be stressful and exciting all at once. If you’re not sure how to approach the new routine with your pet, read more about how you can provide care during a time where restricted movement is encouraged. 

1. Practice social distancing.

First of all, social distancing should be at the highest priority. The CDC reports that there’s no evidence that animals have a role in spreading COVID-19, but it is still widely reported that a few animals like cats and dogs have become infected after being around those with the virus. You can prevent your dog from getting infected with the strain by changing the way you perform certain activities. 

For instance, you can still walk your dog around your neighborhood. Just make sure to avoid crowded areas or locations frequented by people. When walking, always keep a distance of 2 meters or more between another person. If you encounter another person walking towards you, cross the street or avoid coming in close contact with the person. Also, discourage your dog from licking and sniffing anything on the ground or grassy area. 

2. Develop a daily routine with your pet.

Many dogs enjoy a daily routine, and don’t expect it to change. Because of the current social distancing regulations, many dog owners find themselves at home more often than before. This can be stressful and overwhelming to your dog who may feel confused over having family members home all day. To combat this stress, develop rituals and routines that work for the both of you. Once your fur-baby has an idea of your new routine, they can calm down and get used to the new normal.

Try waking up early or at a specific time to feed your dog and let them out for a bathroom break. Time yourself and feed your dog at specific times so that your furry bestie isn’t overfed. Make sure that you add in a time for play and exercise to keep your dog’s mental health in tip-top shape. 

3. Choose indoor games and activities.

There are a number of exciting games and activities you can do with your dog. Even games like hide-and-seek, fetch, and a scavenger hunt can be fun if you use toys, treats, and other pet items. You can also use their toys to play tug-of-war or play a game of chase around the house. Just be sure to keep all expensive or dangerous items out of reach and in a safe place.

Also, don’t forget to “explain” the rules of each game to your puppy—that is, show them what to do or give them hints as the game progresses. If you decide to go outside, walk on concrete instead of a grassy area. Grassy areas can contain bacteria, viruses, debris, and other foreign bodies that can make your furry friend and you very sick. 

4. Keep up your puppy’s hygiene.

Even if your pup stays indoors all day, their hygiene should never be neglected. Groom your dog’s hair by brushing and cutting it when needed. If your dog needs a bath, make sure to give them one, especially if you take them for a walk outside. You should also consistently keep up with their oral hygiene and discourage them from licking your face. After you’ve groomed and handle your dog, wash your hands properly. Keep your home clean with wipes, sprays, and cleaning products. 

5. Make sure you have pet supplies.

As you stock up on supplies and other items in your home, don’t neglect your four-legged friend! Dog owners should always keep sufficient pet care supplies such as food, medications, towels, and other items. These supplies must last for a month or longer. That way, if food and other care supplies aren’t available for your pet, you can still provide them with proper care with the items you have at home. 

6. Plan out for medical emergencies.

If you have tested for COVID-19 or have symptoms, try to avoid contact with your dog. Wear a face mask around them, and find someone trustworthy who can take care of them. If you can’t, let your veterinarian know what’s going on and ask if they offer boarding for pets. Otherwise, you will have to take care of your pet yourself. If your dog becomes sick or has an emergency, call your vet to inform them and follow their instructions. Once you recover and the restrictions are lifted, you’ll be able to cuddle and spend time with your pup in the outdoors as much as you want!

7. Stay calm.

Our dogs know when we’re anxious. Seeing us overwhelmed by life’s challenges can cause them to become depressed and anxious themselves. They may act aggressive or aloof around us as a result. To prevent this, find creative ways to keep yourself calm. You can de-stress through deep breathing and snuggle sessions with your dog. Encourage bonding time by making time for play and exercise sessions with your pet. We also recommend taking 20 minutes each day to give your full, undivided attention to your dog. 

Your dog loves you very much. And as their owner, you do everything you can to prove that you love them too. They want to be with you all the time so every effort you make never goes unnoticed. While you may be dealing with personal issues and hardships, remember to give your dog the care they need to be happy and healthy. We hope you and your furry bestie stay safe as the health crisis continues!