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Golden Retrievers

Are you ready to learn everything there is to know about owning a Golden Retriever? The Golden Retriever purebred dog breed has held the title of most popular family dog since the mid-20th Century! Find out why by reading on…  TEMPERAMENT Faithful, trustworthy, obedient, and outgoing are descriptions that first come to mind when thinking […]

Are you ready to learn everything there is to know about owning a Golden Retriever? The Golden Retriever purebred dog breed has held the title of most popular family dog since the mid-20th Century! Find out why by reading on… 

A little girl plays with a Golden Retriever puppy at home to show how gentle, patient, and affectionate this purebred dog breed is with children.


Faithful, trustworthy, obedient, and outgoing are descriptions that first come to mind when thinking of this lovable companion dog. Golden Retrievers are among the most gentle, most patient, and most obedient family dogs. 

At home, this dog is companionable, eager-to-please its family, sensitive to the needs and moods of its beloved family, and patient. When taken out, Golden Retrievers are outgoing and friendly, always happy to meet new people and experience new environments. 

Golden Retrievers also have excellent instincts when it comes to recognizing threats. They are known for being fearless in the face of danger. And they will fight to the death, if necessary, to protect their families, especially the children. 

Golden Retrievers have been known to fight off bears during family camping trips, and even prevent kidnappings-in-progress! If a child has gotten past a safety gate and fallen into a pool, the dog breed most likely to jump into the water to save the child is a Golden Retriever.  

A teenage girl feeds her new Golden Retriever puppy inside, displaying how Golden Retrievers are a great dog to give responsible children.


Golden Retrievers are known for being affectionate, sensitive, and playful. An overjoyed Golden Retriever will happily bound around its favorite person. This breed is kind and considerate. Golden Retrievers are also very intuitive and sensitive animals. Your Golden Retriever will comfort you when you are down and celebrate with you when you’re happy. They love keeping children company. And their mild-mannered nature makes it easy for kids to train, care for, and take responsibility for the family Golden Retriever. 

If you’re looking for a dog breed to get your children so they can learn how to be responsible, we highly recommend the Golden Retriever. A Golden Retriever will even respect and listen to young children. Golden Retrievers are also able to exercise great patience and tolerance in the face of boisterous children. A Goldie will not lash out if a toddler is rough, for example. The dog will simply walk away. But we do recommend that families teach their very young children how to treat the new resident puppy. 

A Golden Retriever puppy snuggles next to a cute, sleeping kitten to show that this dog breed gets along with other household pets.


If you already have other domestic pets, especially cats, a Golden Retriever will be a great addition to your pet family. Unlike other dog breeds that simply don’t get along with cats or other furry creatures, Golden Retrievers are naturally gentle, curious, and friendly with other animals. It’s important to introduce your Golden Retriever puppy to your other household pets in a safe, controlled manner. 


Because Golden Retrievers have an eager-to-please nature, they’re easy to train. Next to the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retrievers hold the title of the easiest to train purebred dog breed. Like most intelligent breeds, Golden Retrievers respond best to positive reinforcement training. This means that you can incentivize your puppy to learn basic commands and your house rules by rewarding him with a small bit of a dog treat. Receiving the dog treat is a positive experience that will reinforce for your puppy how “good” it was that he obeyed you. Soon, your pats and approval will be all the positive reinforcement your puppy needs, and you won’t have to reward him with treats!

A boy plays fetch with his Golden Retriever outside in autumn with a river in the background.


Though gentle, Golden Retrievers are high energy dogs. They need about 90 minutes of outdoor exercise every day. This can include walks, jogs, and spending time in the dark park. Running off leash is ideal, of course. If you have a backyard and / or if you can commit to bringing your Golden Retriever to a local park where he can run around, then you’ll easily meet your new puppy’s exercise requirements. 

We also recommend Golden Retrievers for people who want their dog to accompany them on jogs, long runs, hikes, and other outdoor adventures that require stamina. Your Golden Retriever will have no problem keeping up with you! 


This dog breed requires moderate grooming. Golden Retrievers shed, so brushing your Goldie a few times a week will help keep the shedding at bay. We recommend that you bathe your Golden Retriever, shampooing his fur, about once a month if he plays outside daily. Or if he doesn’t get dirty from playing, you could shampoo and bathe him once every three months. That being said, Golden Retrievers will get smelly if they’re not bathed.  

Oral and dental hygiene are also aspects of your Golden Retriever’s overall health to keep in mind. Brushing your Golden Retriever’s teeth throughout puppyhood will help him accept, and even like, his teeth being brushed. Adult Golden Retrievers can be given dental dog chews that are meant to “clean” their teeth as they gnaw and chew the treats. 


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