Rottweiler: A Puppy You’ll Forever Love


The purebred Rottweiler breed is a strong, confident dog from the “working” breed group. Specifically, Rottweilers are guard dogs. Thanks to their balanced temperament, however, this breed has also come to be appreciated as a companion and family dog.  In this article, you’ll learn about this incredible dog breed, including the pros and cons of […]

The purebred Rottweiler breed is a strong, confident dog from the “working” breed group. Specifically, Rottweilers are guard dogs. Thanks to their balanced temperament, however, this breed has also come to be appreciated as a companion and family dog. 

In this article, you’ll learn about this incredible dog breed, including the pros and cons of Rottweiler ownership.

Two young ladies wearing orange sweaters sit with their purebred Rottweiler dog on an autumn day with colorful leaves all around.


Considered a medium-to-large sized dog, the Rottweiler is a muscular and powerful breed. The males can weigh up to 135 lbs and stand 27 inches tall from paw to shoulder. Rottweilers have an intimidating, domineering look. But this doesn’t necessarily capture their personality. 

They are affectionate with their families, obedient to their owners, and good with other dogs. Though Rottweilers have a watchdog, protective nature, they’re actually known for being playful. A well-trained and properly socialized Rottweiler will be the “social butterfly” at the dog park! Likewise, a well-raised Rottweiler will be confidently aloof towards strangers, more interested in enjoying harmony than expecting a confrontation. 

On the trainability scale, they’re through the roof. This breed is highly eager to please. However, their mental stimulation needs are also very high. This is to say that a Rottweiler will do best with an owner that is invested in and passionate about training their Rottweiler puppy. A Rottweiler puppy is happiest when it’s receiving almost constant behavioral feedback from its owner throughout the day. Your Rottweiler is guaranteed to want to be your buddy, helper, and companion! 

An energetic Rottweiler leaps over hurdles at an agility course, one of many ways to exercise this dog breed.


Though not an unusually energetic dog, Rottweilers in fact need a fair amount of daily exercise. The average adult Rottweiler needs about 1.5 – 2 hours of exercise a day. This can include long walks, jogs, hikes, running in a field, and playing in the backyard. Rottweilers tend to be playful around other dogs, which is great for their exercise needs. Allowing your Rottweiler to play with other dogs at a park can provide better exercise than playing fetch one-on-one for twice as long. 

Individuals and families that lead active lifestyles can easily provide adequate exercise to their Rottweilers. If your household’s daily routine includes dad’s morning jog, mom’s afternoon walk, the kids after school outdoor play time, and the occasional camping or hiking trip, a Rottweiler will be more than happy to accompany everyone! 

A beautiful adult Rottweiler sits on grass with his white ball and smiles at the camera, showing the friendly yet aloof nature of this guard dog.


Rottweilers have power. They grow to be muscular dogs. This in combination with their “willful” streak causes them to be more appropriate for experienced dog owners. We rarely recommend Rottweilers for first-time dog owners. That being said, there are exceptions. For first time dog owners who are prepared to commit to thoroughly training their Rottweiler, taking the time and energy to fulfill all that is required, this breed can do well. 

Raising a Rottweiler is all about training and socialization. This can be said about any dog breed, of course. However, unlike a docile, small sized breed, when a Rottweiler does not receive complete training and socialization, it can become a nuisance in public, making strangers uncomfortable.

Training and raising a Rottweiler is all about giving the puppy constant feedback about its behavior. Feedback comes in the form of positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. This is especially needed during socialization interactions. When the owner provides their Rottweiler puppy with constant, consistent feedback, praising good behavior and correcting unwanted behavior, the puppy’s behavior will quickly mold and become appropriate. 

As puppyhood wears on, and the Rottweiler continues to modify its behavior according to the feedback its owner provides, the Rottweiler will soon experience more and more “freedom” as a positive consequence of exhibiting trustworthy behavior. 

The first thing we tell people who are interested in getting a Rottweiler puppy is that having the energy to use positive and negative reinforcement, literally managing your puppy on a moment to moment basis for a solid 9 months while he grows, is required for this breed. Are you up for that level of a commitment?

A row of dogs at a dog training class sit obediently, looking calm and happy to be learning basic commands and other valuable dog training information.


Rottweilers are great dogs. They’re affectionate, focused, intelligent, obedient, and protective. And the list goes on. The underlying nature of a Rottweiler, like many guard dogs from the working group, is aggressive. This is a positive, valuable trait. But it’s the owner’s job to teach their Rottweiler puppy when not to presume there is a threat. 

During puppyhood, a large part of socializing a Rottweiler will include the owner providing their puppy with feedback that tells the puppy that the “new” thing(s) in their environment isn’t a threat. For example, when walking a Rottweiler puppy, the owner may often use the “leave it” command and / or redirect their Rottweiler’s attention away from a “new thing.” This is best done if the Rottweiler shows signs of alarm at the new thing. By redirecting the puppy’s attention, then allowing him back to the “new thing” then using “leave it” if his guard goes up again, the owner can teach the puppy that the new thing is safe. This also desensitizes the puppy to new things. 

A blond boy adjusts his Rottweiler's collar while they sit on a park bench in summertime.

Desensitizing Your Rottweiler Puppy

Desensitization is also critical for Rottweilers during puppyhood. A well-socialized Rottweiler will have the attitude that new things are no big deal. And he’ll approach them with curiosity, yet in a calm and “unstimulated” manner. You can help desensitize your puppy by having him interact with new people and other dogs. Ask the new people to pet your Rottweiler. Teach your Rottweiler that the world is a friendly place. 

Throughout every interaction, you should also be constantly managing your Rottweiler by providing feedback. If your puppy is behaving calmly as he meets a new person, patting him and telling him “good boy” or “good girl” is a positive reinforcement. If he barks, jumps, or lunges, pop his leash and say “leave it,” then redirect him by walking him away in a little circle. Tell him to sit. When he does and is calm, bring him back to the person for another try. 

This method of socializing your Rottweiler and desensitizing him to new people, places, and things will quickly shape your Rottweiler’s behavior for the good. Rottweilers are smart, obedient dogs. They want their owner’s approval. Which means that they need their owner’s feedback. How else will they know what is acceptable versus unacceptable behavior?  

A woman takes a moment during her hike to train her Rottweiler puppy to sit, showing that outdoor exercise is a great time to reinforce basic commands with this loyal dog breed.


For new Rottweiler puppy owners that get their dog from Petland Texas, we provide 6 Weeks of Puppy Training for free. This free puppy training program is an excellent opportunity for owners to learn how to train their puppies on the spot and also at home. The tools are invaluable for long term training. Your puppy will learn all the basic commands, as well as have a chance to socialize with the other puppies and their owners who are also attending the class. Your puppy just might make dog friends for life! 


A great online resource for Rottweiler dog ownership information is AmRottClub.org. We also encourage you to continue researching this breed. Being realistic with yourself about whether or not a Rottweiler is the right dog for you is the first step to responsible dog ownership. 

The staff at Petland Texas is always ready to speak with you in person about your interest in owning a Rottweiler. Get the facts about Rottweilers in person at one of our locations. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions! 

Two adorable Rottweiler puppies sit on either side of a cute gray cat to show that this dog breed is gentle and accepting of other household pets.


If this article has convinced you that owning a Rottweiler is right for you, we have Rottweiler puppies for sale in Texas at our Houston and Tyler locations! The knowledgeable staff at Petland Texas can introduce you to our available Rottweiler puppies, explain to you the breed’s temperament and training needs, and help get you started on your journey to Rottweiler ownership. 

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A beautiful brunette wearing an orange hat and coat sits with her well-behaved Rottweiler on a picnic blanket during a lovely autumn day.


As you embark on your journey to find dogs for sale in Texas, identifying ethical puppy sellers is the first step. A reputable seller will make it a top priority to only work with ethical dog breeders. 

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