Thanksgiving Day Puppy Games

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Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away! For you and your furry friend, Petland Texas has put together our favorite Thanksgiving Day puppy games. This November 23rd, while the family love flows as thick as Grandma’s gravy around the dinner table, here are 5 ways to include your new puppy! BACKYARD FOOTBALL (THANKSGIVING DAY PUPPY […]

Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away! For you and your furry friend, Petland Texas has put together our favorite Thanksgiving Day puppy games. This November 23rd, while the family love flows as thick as Grandma’s gravy around the dinner table, here are 5 ways to include your new puppy!


A Tibetan Mastiff puppy plays football on Thanksgiving.

American traditions are the best! They don’t have to make sense. They just have to be fun! One of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions is playing football. What does football have to do with Thanksgiving? Who cares? That’s the beauty of being American! 

Your puppy might never comprehend the line of scrimmage or what a touchdown means. But he will love running around as you and your family play a little two-hand-touch in the backyard. Work up an appetite for the big meal to come by playing backyard football with your new puppy!


A French Bulldog puppy rolls around in a blanket of homemade dog treats for Thanksgiving.

There’s sure to be tons of delicious dishes around the table this Thanksgiving. But unfortunately, your puppy won’t be able to partake in the tasty meals. Many human foods are poisonous or toxic for dogs. And because puppies have more sensitive digestive systems, even worse harm could come to them if they eat the wrong thing. 

A fun Thanksgiving activity to do with your puppy, either on Thanksgiving or the day prior, is to make dog treats. Pick out a yummy recipe. One of our favorites is Thanksgiving Dog Biscuits from Queen Bees Kitchen. Bond with your puppy as you mix the ingredients. You can let your puppy taste as you go. Then, during Thanksgiving dinner, you can include your puppy in the feast. Feed him the dog biscuits!   


A happy dog plays with a dog puzzle to entertain itself while its family celebrates Thanksgiving.

With family, friends, and holiday joy, there will be a lot going on this Thanksgiving! Your puppy might not always be the center of attention, shocking we know! But that doesn’t mean that your puppy has to get lost in the shuffle. He also isn’t destined to be bored. We recommend that you pick up some “puppy puzzles,” also referred to as “dog puzzles.” 

Dog puzzles are intellectual games that your puppy can play by himself. They involve “figuring out” how to get a tasty treat to come out of the toy itself. Your local pet store probably carries a wide assortment of puppy puzzles. You can also find countless items on Amazon if you search “puppy puzzles” or “intellectual toys for dogs.” For a young puppy, a simple Kong toy will be enough to entertain him!  


A family hikes through a snowy mountain with their adorable white dog.

All dogs love exercise! Your family, you, and your puppy should plan to go for a hike, long walk, or brisk walk after the big meal. Alternatively, going for a hike before Thanksgiving dinner can help work up a healthy appetite! We’ll leave the timing of the hike up to you. 

Going for a hike or walk with your puppy on Thanksgiving is also a great way to practice basic commands, socialize him as he meets new people and other dogs, and tire him out! Depending on your evening plans, such as drinks with friends, you might need your puppy to be tuckered out and napping! 


A Bernese Mountain Dog puppy plays tug-of-war with his favorite person on Thanksgiving as a fun puppy game.

A fun puppy game that you can play anywhere, anytime, is tug-of-war. All pet stores in Texas will carry “tug toys” for dogs, like the ones offered at Petco. These are made of rope, rubber, or other safe materials. Just be sure to pick up a tug toy that’s the right size for your puppy. If you have a large breed, like a Great Dane or Bernese Mountain Dog, he may need a medium or large tug toy even though he’s a “puppy.” 

You can play tug-of-war with your puppy for 5 minutes or 20. It’s up to you. Any length of playing this game will satisfy your puppy. It’s really your time and attention he craves. You can even play tug-of-war one-handed with your puppy while you eat Thanksgiving dinner and catch up with your cousins!


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A black and white French Bulldog puppy wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from a pumpkin patch in Tyler TX.

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