Top Dog Breeds for Protection

Chow Chow Doberman Pinscher German Shepherd Jack Russell Terrier Rottweiler

Petland Texas lists the top dog breeds for protection in this article. Companionship is the #1 reason that people get dogs. They want love, quality time, and opportunities for fun with their new puppies. But companionship isn’t the only reason to get a dog. Many people want to protect their homes from invaders.  Amazingly, a […]

Petland Texas lists the top dog breeds for protection in this article.

Companionship is the #1 reason that people get dogs. They want love, quality time, and opportunities for fun with their new puppies. But companionship isn’t the only reason to get a dog. Many people want to protect their homes from invaders. 

Amazingly, a dog is more effective in terms of preventing a break in than a firearm! Potential intruders will think twice if they hear a German Shepherd growling. Whereas when a home does not have a resident dog to intimidate an intruder, the intruder may proceed, not knowing the homeowner is armed until they’re already inside and having an encounter. 

Not all dog breeds will protect your home and your family from a potential intruder, however. Most dog breeds are naturally friendly, and may even want to play with a stranger who’s broken in! If you want a dog for the purposes of protecting your home and loved ones, then only certain breeds will do. 

This article will cover the best dog breeds for protecting your home.


Intelligent, loyal, and a master at protecting family and property, the German Shepherd is an excellent purebred dog breed to own for both companionship and protection. Getting the most out of your German Shepherd is all about consistent training. Unlike other companion dog breeds who only need to be trained in basic commands, the German Shepherd will be naturally hungry to learn complex tasks and to fulfill a specific role within your household and family. A German Shepherd is being used to its fullest potential, and therefore happiest, when it’s working as a police dog, military dog, herding dog, and even as a service dog. This speaks to the high energy level and intelligence of the German Shepherd breed. That being said, you don’t have to be running a police department to have a good reason to own a German Shepherd. But it does mean that in order to meet your dog’s needs and satisfy his nature, you’ll need to train him thoroughly and give him your attention by directing him with tasks, instructions, and jobs during your quality time together. Long-term, your German Shepherd will be a dedicated and valuable member of your family, and will use his instinctual courage, loyalty, and protector traits to earn your praise and love.  

ROTTWEILER (One of Our Favorite Top Dog Breeds for Protection)

Two Rottweilers sit together, protecting their family from outside.

The Rottweiler has a reputation for being an aggressive dog breed, which isn’t necessarily true. Rottweilers possess the capability of proceeding with aggression in order to stop a legitimate threat to its family or home. Far from being a loose cannon, a Rottweiler will actually hang back and assess a potential threat for a long moment, truly attempting to discern how best to proceed. If you’ve ever passed by a home where a Rottweiler lives, you might be familiar with “the look.” A Rottweiler will stand poised and stare, sizing up the situation, whether it be a stranger trespassing or an unknown car turning around in the driveway. This assessment doesn’t last long, as Rottweilers are also decisive. But it speaks to the intelligence and control that Rottweilers exercise. This is why it’s critical to properly and thoroughly train your Rottweiler throughout puppyhood. A well-trained Rottweiler will have the confidence to know how you want him to proceed if and when a threat presents itself. And he will know to seek your instructions first before acting in the event that a threat emerges when you’re around. Rottweilers are also goofy lovebugs with their owners and family, and adorably playful most of the time. 

A sleek, shiny Doberman Pinscher prowls in the grass to show this fierce purebred is one of the top dog breeds for protection.


Doberman Pinschers are one of our favorite top dog breeds for protection. Dobermans are known for being sleek, intimidating guard dogs. That’s why they’re always cast in movies as the canine packs that protect mansions and millionaires! There is truth, at least in part, in every fiction. Doberman Pinschers definitely make for intimidating guard dogs, and thanks to their intelligence and nature, they’re good at driving a threat away without physically engaging in a confrontation. One of the greatest benefits of having a Doberman Pinscher or two is that they don’t require as much formal training, specifically home protection training, as other home protection breeds. That being said, it’s highly recommended that you take your Doberman Pinscher to a structured training program where your puppy will learn how to effectively yet cautiously assess threats and protect you, your family, and your home. When your Doberman isn’t in the throes of scaring intruders away or starring in the next Hollywood film, he’ll be affectionate, docile, and at ease with you and your household at home. As you have friends and family over, you’ll notice that your Doberman Pinscher is warm and relaxed with these “new” people. This speaks to the Doberman’s keen intuition skills and loyalty to align himself with your attitude towards others. Your Doberman Pinscher will like who you like, trust who you trust, and love who you love!   

A Jack Russell Terrier dog runs through a field as one of the top dog breeds for protection.

JACK RUSSELL TERRIER (One of Our Favorite Top Dog Breeds for Protection)

Just because you want a loyal dog to protect your home doesn’t mean you have to get a large dog breed. The Jack Russell Terrier is a mere 15 pounds yet possesses unrelenting fearlessness when faced with a significant danger. This small purebred dog is highly territorial and deeply protective of its human family. Everything and everyone “new” or out of the ordinary is regarded by the Jack Russell Terrier as a potential threat, and this dog will proceed to size up the stranger and get him or her to back off. Back in 2007, a Jack Russell Terrier named George fought to the death to save 5 children when Pitbulls began attacking them in New Zealand. George was 14 years old at the time, and was posthumously awarded a Gold Medal for Bravery by the PDSA. George did not know the children, he only knew that he had to save them from harm. This high level of altruism and heroism is characteristic of the lovable, loyal Jack Russell Terrier dog breed.       


This dog may look like a snuggly teddy bear, but don’t be fooled. Unless you’re the owner or belong to the household family of a Chow Chow, this is one heck of a ruthless guard dog. Chow Chows were used in Imperial China to guard royalty, palaces, and territorial boundary lines. Protecting family, property, and home is deeply ingrained in their DNA. This breed is not only smart, but known for being clever, which can bring with it a stubborn streak. When you bring your Chow Chow puppy home, training and socialization should start right away. A well-socialized Chow Chow will quickly learn that strangers in many environments and situations are actually not a threat. This will help form your Chow Chow’s discernment, and give him the confidence to identify when a stranger truly is a threat. Even though Chow Chows are hailed as one of the most protective large dog breeds, they are actually “low energy,” which can be good for people who want home protection but don’t necessarily want a high-energy dog that needs a lot of daily exercise.   

Those are our 5 top dog breeds for protection. If you would like to meet the breeds, come into any of our Petland Texas locations.