10 Fun Things to Do with Your New Puppy

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There is no better friend than a puppy! Whether you want to snuggle on the couch or enjoy the outdoors, your puppy will always be there to join you. Doing activities together isn’t just fun. It’s also an amazing way to strengthen your bond with your new furry friend. Having something to do also decreases […]

There is no better friend than a puppy! Whether you want to snuggle on the couch or enjoy the outdoors, your puppy will always be there to join you. Doing activities together isn’t just fun. It’s also an amazing way to strengthen your bond with your new furry friend.

Having something to do also decreases your puppy’s stress and boredom. You won’t have to worry about damaged furniture or bite marks on your shoes. Most importantly, any activity provides your puppy with physical and mental stimulation, which promotes good overall health

If you need new creative ideas to entertain your new puppy, our blog may do just the trick! We list our top picks of exciting activities you can do with your furry friend that’ll keep their tails wagging. 

Make the best memories with your fur baby by trying out these 10 fun things to do with your new puppy!

1. Have a scavenger hunt.

A cute Beagle puppy playing Scavenger Hunt at home.

Scavenger hunts force your puppy to use their natural instincts and mental capacity to hunt for yummy treats. Setting up your home for a scavenging game is easy. All you need are a handful of delicious treats for puppies and hiding spots in your home. To start the game, follow these steps:

  • Let your puppy see and sniff the treats in your hand 
  • Hide one treat in one spot while your fur-baby watches.
  • Allow them to take the treat as they search for it.
  • Repeat these steps a few times.
  • Once your puppy understands the game, hide the treats in challenging spots.
  • Have your phone ready to record your puppy as they search for their rewards.

The trick is to encourage your furry friend to use their sense of smell. They won’t understand the game the first time so it’s important to give “hints” along the way. Make sure the game gets challenging as your puppy gets used to the rules. 

2. Play puzzle and brain games for puppies.

A cute puppy plays a dog puzzle game to test their intelligence.

Want a smarter puppy? Encourage them to play a puzzle or brain game. Puzzles and brain games test your furry friend’s intelligence over their physical abilities. By playing a puzzle game, your puppy learns how to solve problems and even uses critical thinking to receive rewards. 

Of course, puzzle and brain games for puppies look a little different than those for children. For the best puzzle games, try our list of 5 Puzzle and Brain Training Games for Puppies

Depending on the game your puppy plays, they’ll learn how to search for items, turn over objects, and even what the names of their toys are!

Games aren’t the only way to challenge your puppy’s brain smarts. Kong toys and other food dispensing toys are a great way to mentally stimulate your puppy (and distract them from your shoes!). 

Just put some of your puppy’s treats inside the Kong toy (or food-dispensing toy) and let your puppy work for their reward. Your furry friend will chew until the food comes out of the toy.

These toys are amazing because they teach your puppy how they can solve problems. And if your puppy is teething, it relieves their gum pain. A win-win for you and your fur-baby!

3. Teach your puppy to fetch.

An adorable Poodle puppy fetching a rubber chicken toy.

Fetch is a classic game to play with your new puppy. And it doesn’t require a lot of work! Grab your puppy’s favorite toy and throw it, saying “fetch!”. You can also try playing fetch with your fur-baby’s treats. 

If your puppy doesn’t know how to play fetch, have them watch you while they’re inside their crate. Show them their favorite toy or treat, then place it at a distance. Say “fetch!” once the item is moved. 

Your puppy will learn to associate the word with finding the specified item. Most puppies chase after their toys after they’re thrown. 

However, you may have a harder time trying to get them to release their toy after they’ve caught it. In this case, turn it into a training session. Tell your furry friend to “let go” as firmly as possible. 

Do not scold or yell at your puppy if they don’t follow your commands the first couple of times. Be patient and firm and your puppy will follow through!

4. Spend a day(s) at a dog-friendly hotel.

A woman and her cute Beagle puppy are laying in bed inside a dog-friendly hotel.

There are plenty of dog-friendly cities that adore puppies and dogs from all walks of life. All you have to do is start planning! Pick a date to embark on a fun vacation for you and your puppy.

Whether it’s Airbnb, VRBO, or another travel rental alternative, search for any place in the location you’re staying in that accommodates furry companions. Some places may even offer valuable pampering packages for your puppy. 

Just be sure to make a phone call to double-check that your chosen vacation rental is dog friendly. As soon as you’ve booked your trip and rental property, you and your furry friend can enjoy a fun vacation of a lifetime!

5. Start or continue obedience or potty training.

A Miniature Schnauzer puppy sits on a potty training pad with a small puddle of pee next to it.

Most puppies love to learn new tricks! Don’t waste an opportunity to train your beautiful puppy, even if you’ve trained them already. 

Set aside 10 to 15 minutes of obedience or potty training (you can do both too!). This gives you enough time to reinforce what your puppy has learned and see what areas to improve.

Training is also mentally stimulating. Your furry friend is forced to use their brain juices to recall or relearn new commands, which can tire them out. Once your puppy is done with a session, they’re likely to take a snooze on their doggy bed.

Use a hallway or a room for training sessions. Be sure to remove all distractions and use rewards like treats or praises to get the desired response for your furry friend.

Also, note that some breeds like the spunky Yorkie or the charming Dachshund have trouble playing by the rules of others. Their stubborn personalities are famous in the dog community. However, with enough patience and practice, even stubborn breeds will learn to follow your rules. 

6. Visit the dog park.

Three Labrador Retrievers play fetch at a dog park.

The dog park is one of the only places in the world where your puppy can be themselves. Running, fetching, playing, and barking—there are no limits to what your puppy can do at a dog park. And you can join them in their fun!

Visit any local dog park for a few hours of downtime. If the dog park has a secure fence, let your furry friend off the leash. They’ll love being able to roll around, chase, and befriend other dogs in the area.

Before heading to the park, be sure your puppy is fully vaccinated. Young puppies are still developing their immune system so they’re vulnerable to numerous diseases. Your furry friend should also be at least 16 weeks old to enter a dog park.

Dog parks are a great opportunity for puppy socialization. Your puppy will meet and interact with other dogs and their owners. They’ll also be exposed to the wonderful sights, sounds, and smells of their surroundings. 

Puppy socialization is a gradual process. Never force your puppy into interacting with other dogs or people too quickly. When you visit the dog park, slowly introduce your furry friend to their surroundings and other people. 

Let them ease their way into the park rather than push them towards a person or object. By maintaining this slow process, your puppy will feel comfortable and safe at the dog park every time they visit.

7. Walk around your city or neighborhood.

A person takes their cute puppy out for a walk in their neighborhood or city.

Don’t pass up the chance to show off your new puppy. Your city or neighborhood is waiting to meet your fur-baby! Plan an adventurous day around your city or neighborhood.

We recommend choosing pet-friendly locations like a dog park or a dog-friendly restaurant along your route. Be ready to make some stops along the way for treats and attention from passersby.

Make sure you’ve leashed trained your puppy before heading out. Your puppy may get too excited and rush towards things they see. Through leash training, your furry friend won’t be likely to react to any new stimulus, even if it’s tempting. 

8. Go on a trip to the pet store.

A woman holds her puppy while a cashier gives it a treat inside a pet store.

Most pet stores love welcoming dogs into their locations. Some places even provide treats and other goodies to all visiting pups! Pick a local pet store that’s dog-friendly and take your puppy on a small adventure.

From the car ride to the toy aisle, your puppy will enjoy the wonders of sightseeing. Spice up the trip by letting your fur-baby pick the toys and treats they want. 

Just take your puppy to the toy or treat aisle and let them roam towards the item they want. As soon as they show interest in a toy or treat, place it in your cart and continue shopping.

9. Get a puppuccino from Starbucks.

Two cute puppies eat a puppuccino from Starbucks' secret menu.

Want your furry friend to feel extra special? Try getting them a puppuccino from Starbucks! It’s not listed on the regular menu but if you ask politely, your server will provide your beautiful puppy with a puppuccino.

Despite the name, a puppuccino isn’t a high-calorie drink for dogs. Instead, it’s spoonfuls of whipped cream in a cup. A simple concoction for us humans but your puppy will appreciate the sweet taste!

10. Throw your puppy a party.

A cute Chihuahua eats their delicious birthday cake as their owner claps behind them.

You and your puppy don’t need to have fun alone! Invite your friends and family (and their canine buddies) for a fun party. Whether it’s a national holiday or your puppy’s first birthday, set a date of your choosing, and don’t hold back on the celebration.

Order or bake yummy treats for your friend’s puppies. Decorate your house in fun, pet-friendly decor. Treat your puppy like the sweetheart they are. 

For any party you throw for your puppy, go all out. Your puppy still getting accustomed to the world with you but they deserve a day that just celebrates them.

With so many things to do with your puppy, you’re bound to build a strong friendship that will last for years to come. However, always remember to give your puppy their needed space. 

Let your furry friend take a nap and spend time away from you in their crate. Puppies need to have alone time so that they’re prepared whenever you need to leave your home.

Check out our blog post, How To Exercise Your Puppy During Bad Weather to learn how you can help your puppy exercise when the weather makes it impossible.