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Petland Bellaire Grand Opening

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Petland is thrilled to announce the grand opening of a new location in Bellaire, Texas. As a longtime supplier of lovable pets and supplies, we’re happy to continue serving a new community full of families and their wonderful pets. Through our new store, we hope and strive to ensure our staff upholds quality standards in […]

Dennis Hurley visits Petland Tyler

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On Friday, November 20, 2020, Dennis Hurley, a master falconer paid a visit to Petland Tyler to bring awareness about falcon conservation. Hurley also brought a few of his falcon friends with him!  During his time at our store, Hurley held a seminar for everyone interested, discussing the importance of raptor conservation for our environment. […]

How To Choose the Best Dog Treats

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The best way to your puppy’s heart is through food. We all know it—when a puppy catches a whiff of delicious treats, you know their attention has been captured. Like people, dogs have an insatiable appetite. If it were up to them, dogs would munch on snacks every day. It’s for this reason that we […]

How to Teach Your Puppy The 5 Basic Commands

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Training takes lots of time, practice, and effort. Your puppy may get the hang of training on the first try…or they may get a little distracted. Either way, if you place enough patience and effort in training, your puppy will learn. They’ll also form a wonderful bond with you! Along with their name, the best […]

How To Teach Your Dog To Recognize Their Name

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One of the first lessons that puppies should always learn is their name! Your puppy’s name is a title that identifies them forever. And so, the earlier they learn it, the easier it will be to train them to do other commands! It also allows you to grow a loving bond with your furry friend! […]

How to Introduce Your Dogs

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How can I make sure my new puppy and my current furry friend get along with each other? Most puppy parents have this question on their mind when they decide to add a new four-legged friend to their home. If you have a puppy at home and a new one will be joining your furry […]

Tips For New Puppy Parents

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A new puppy means a long life of beautiful memories and unconditional love! Your adorable furry bestie will always be there for you, whether you’re on walks together or playing hide-and-seek. With these wonderful moments together, you’ll also face several challenges that need your attention. Remember: puppies are just like babies.  They need you for […]

How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog

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Having trouble picking the best toys for your four-legged friend? Don’t worry! There are so many toys you can choose for your puppy’s playtime and training. However, shopping for dog toys can be an extraordinarily difficult task. How do you know which toys to choose when there are so many types available in stores and […]

How to Keep Your Puppy Safe During Hurricane Season

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Hurricane season is in full mode this year! It’s important for the safety of you, your loved ones, and your furry friend to stay prepared before the coming of a storm. Keeping your puppy safe is similar to keeping your loved ones safe—it requires careful planning and positivity to ensure that no one is left […]

How To Pick The Right Breed For You

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Choosing the right puppy for you can be an exciting yet frightening experience! After all,  you need to pick a breed that matches with you emotionally. Your furry friend also needs a home that can make them feel safe and loved at all times. Before you bring a puppy home, you need to think about […]