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Petland Webster at the Museum District Center

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On Wednesday, February 27, 2021, our team at Petland Webster brought our cute and cuddly puppies to the Museum District Center for a fun time! Our puppies had a blast meeting and playing with all of the children.  At Petland Webster, we are active members of our community, and support mission and causes that improve […]

5 Signs You’re Ready for A New Puppy

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There’s nothing quite like the unconditional love of a cute and cuddly puppy! Whether you’ve had a long day at work or need a buddy to snuggle with, a puppy will always be there for you. Of course, owning a puppy means a lifetime of commitment. You need to be able to care for a […]

How to Help Your Puppy Sleep at Night

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Does your new puppy keep you up at night? Are you worried your puppy isn’t getting enough sleep? Don’t worry! Your new puppy’s sleep schedule may not be in sync with yours yet. They may still be trying to get used to their new home, so it might take a few nights before they start […]

7 Reasons To Get A Puppy in the New Year

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Unconditional love. Long-lasting friendship. Consistent entertainment. There are so many wonderful things to love and admire about puppies. Cute, cuddly, and sweet-natured, puppies are usually the highlight of a bad day or our go-to companions for adventures in the outdoors. That’s why many dog lovers affirm that puppies are a great addition to one’s family […]


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From reindeer antlers to elf sweaters, there are so many ways your cuddly puppy can get into the Christmas spirit this year. That’s why we’ve gathered 10 of the cutest holiday-themed outfits your pooch can wear all winter long! Whether you’re taking your pup out to a dinner party or preparing a photoshoot, we’re sure […]

Petland Woodlands Grand Opening

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Petland is happy to announce the grand opening of our newest store location in Shenandoah, Texas. As a devoted community of dog lovers, we’re thrilled to continue providing others with furry friends and the best supplies they need to care for them.  With our new store location in place, our main goal is to continue […]

How to Teach Your Puppy Not to Bite

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Your puppy’s mouth is full of tiny yet sharp teeth that love to nip at you! If your puppy likes to bite or nip, don’t take it personal. Almost all puppies will do this at some point during their young days. During play time, biting or nipping is very common, usually occurring when a puppy […]

Petland Texas visits The Oasis Center

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On November 24, 2020, our wonderful puppies visited the Oasis Treatment Center, located in Houston, Texas.  The center, which serves as a treatment center for a variety of mental health issues, greeted our puppies and staff members with the warmest welcome—one full of smiles and irresistible joy! The patients were able to play and hold […]

Petland Bellaire Grand Opening

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Petland is thrilled to announce the grand opening of a new location in Bellaire, Texas. As a longtime supplier of lovable pets and supplies, we’re happy to continue serving a new community full of families and their wonderful pets. Through our new store, we hope and strive to ensure our staff upholds quality standards in […]

Dennis Hurley visits Petland Tyler

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On Friday, November 20, 2020, Dennis Hurley, a master falconer paid a visit to Petland Tyler to bring awareness about falcon conservation. Hurley also brought a few of his falcon friends with him!  During his time at our store, Hurley held a seminar for everyone interested, discussing the importance of raptor conservation for our environment. […]